Saturday, May 13, 2006

DotNet Ajax Frameworks

AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript And XML is a widely used buzz word now in web development world.There are some many libraries available to develop ajax enabled web application in with less effort and less code. i am listing few of them here.
ASP.NET 2.0 Atlas

Atlas is Microsoft's in-progress AJAX project.ASP.NET Atlas is a package of new Web development technologies that integrates an extensive set of client script libraries with the rich, server-based development platform of ASP.NET 2.0.With Atlas, you can take advantage of the best of ASP.NET and server-side code while doing much of the work in the browser, enabling a richer user experience.It provides rich set of client side and server side controls.It is still in Beta.

Ajax.NET for ASP.NET 1.x/2.0

It is a basic AJAX library for ASP.NET which provides the very basic AJAX capability to make xmlhttp callbacks. Does not have any 'Ajax-enabled' controls or support for Viewstate, etc.

Anthem.Net for ASP.NET 1.x/2.0

Anthem.NET provides a set of ajax-enabled controls inherited from ASP.NET server controls, with most AJAX behaviours pre-built, avoiding lots of client Javascript. It supports Viewstate so that you can actually modify server controls (either Anthem controls, or ASP.NET controls inside an Anthem control, e.g. panel) in your serverside code, in C# or VB without having to mess about in JavaScript. Unlike some other Ajax implementations the system supports callbacks for Anthem controls that are inside user controls, and even for wizards and master pages.


AjaxAspects is an engine that uses JavaScript proxies to call server-side WebService methods. It is built upon JavaScript client proxy methods for standard web services. (Just call a regular JavaScript method to call a method on the server). it uses standard SOAP and WSDL for the communication between client and server. it supports Multiple types, Arrays and XML objects as parameters and return values.It has soem other features like Caching on the client and server ,Queuing actions,Delaying actions.Many AJAX Controls also available that integrate in standard ASP.NET Web Forms.

Bitkraft for ASP.NET

Bitkraft Bitkraft is a CLR based (.NET) web framework that allows distributed web content to be created and served in a unique fashion. It is written in C# and compiles for operation under the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1+ or the .Mono Framework, making it portable to almost any platform.At it's core, the Bitkraft framework extends the ASP .NET Architecture to fully support Javascript-based Server callbacks using the XmlHttpRequest object as a transport layer in a fashion referred commonly today as AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript Over XmlHttpRequest). It uses Uses JSON instead of XML .
With Visual WebGUI you program outlook web access like applications by programming with WinForms like server side objects.It works both ASP.NET 2.0 & 1.1 .It provides all most all of WinForms controls and can be extendable.It doesnot require any usage of JavaScripts,HTML or any other web language (Full WinForms abstraction).