Sunday, January 29, 2006

Comparing XML Performance Java,.Net and Mono

XML Mark is an XML parsing benchmark originally created by Sun Microsystems to test the performance of Java against .Net Framework 1.1.

Sun's source code for the original benchmark can be downloaded from and the white paper which discusses this performance can be found at

Using XML Mark XML performance is tested for different technologies like java, .Net and Mono.The result is as follows.

The .Net Framework 2.0 beats every other platform in Xml performance by a huge margin. Such a huge difference cannot be due to better Xml libraries alone, it should also be the result of improvements in the execution efficiency of the Common Language Runtime (CLR), sitting at the core of the .Net Framework. The 32-bit .Net 2.0 scores were nearly double that of the highest Java scores. Microsoft has also done a good job with the 64-bit CLR, which consistently outperformed the Java results by about 60%. The performance gains are even greater, when comparing with .Net Framework 1.1. So from a performance perspective, it does make sense to move to v2.0.

The Java 64-bit runtime is an interesting contender, even though there is still scope of improvement. The Java 32-bit runtime posted really disappointing results; at least running with default settings.

To Visit the result details visit the following url